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Cemetery jewish of Saaz

“What have they done, these little jewish peple of Prague, the good merchants of Prague, the most peaceful of all the peaceful citizens?………..In Prague, they would taung them that they were not Czech, in Saaz (Zatec) and Eger taht they were not German.”

(Theodor Hetzel 1897) 

zidovsky hrbitov Zatec prucel iThe place where the Jewish cemetery was based in the medieval times couldn’t be identified exactly till today. Probably it was based in the northern suburb near the river called Eger. The funerals of the modern age till the 19th century took place in the cemeteries of the Jewish communes of the surrounded villages.

After the foundation of the Jewish commune in Saaz they built their own cemetery in 1869 in the old Trnowaner Street. The first person that has been buried there was Miss Regina Glaser. 1880 a house with an apartment for the grave digger has been built and in 1902 the family Sofie and Leopolt Bechert constructed a ceremony hall. From 1896 till 1949 705 Jewszidovsky hrbitov brana had been buried and the last funeral before the second world war was on the 8th February 1939 (source: Matrik of the Prager archive). In the years from 1939 till 1945 they “liquidized” the cemetery. They removed the gravestones and these ones that had a high value were taken away from the town Saaz. Some of the gravestones were altered to piles which were standing in the barracks till 1983. On the place where the Jewish cemetery was standing they built a parking area for the SS-barrack nearby (Source: J. Ranek). The cemetery was totally destroyed and devastated. After the rescue in 1945 the Jewish commune started to restore the cemetery in the scope of their possibilities. Till 1949 eight funerals took place. After this time the entries in the Saazer Jewish Matrik ended.

During the communistic regime the cemetery has been destroyed totally. The house of the grave digger had been rent to a cottager who kept poultry and small animals on the cemetery. In the 90ies that situation changed for the first time, as the Jewish Commune of Teplitz became responsible for the area Saaz. In 2004 the cemetery was reopened ceremonially during the 1000-year-celebration of the town Saaz. The friends of Saaz/Zatec e. V. in Germany will revitalize the cemetery and recall the past of the history about the Jews from Saaz. This will happen in cooperation with the Saazer deutschen Landleuten and the Jewish commune of Teplitz.

We will help re-build this cemetery as a Memorial to all the murdered and deported Jewws of Zatec

cemetery 2012


(Theodor Hetzel 1897)


We will help re-build this cemetery as a Memorial to all the murdered and deported Jewws of Zatec

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